Dave Grohl Impersonates Christopher Walken When He Didn't Know How To Pronounce "Foo Fighters"

September 28, 2017

Many have tried to mimic Christopher Walken's unique voice, and only few have managed to pull it off.

During an interview with Australian host Chris MoylesDave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins of the Foo Fighters look back on a moment when they had to teach Hollywood royalty how their name is pronounced. "He asked us if the accent was on 'Foo' or 'Fighters'," said Grohl. "We said 'The accent is on 'Fighters', actually."

Then when Walken goes on to introduce the band, "He goes up and he's like, 'Ladies and Gentlemen, foo FIGHTers!'"

Check out Grohl's impersonation below!

Then watch how the master really pronounced "Foo Fighters."