Dave Abbruzzese Goes After Former Pearl Jam Bandmates Due To Lack Of Support For Rock Hall Snub

December 30, 2016

Every year it's no surprise that people are going to be upset at who gets nominated and who gets snubbed by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

When Pearl Jam were named as nominees for the Hall of Fame's 2017 class, most people were thrilled. Among those disappointed, none were more upset than former Pearl Jam drummer Dave Abbruzzese

Abbruzzese, who drummed with the band for over 275 live shows and appeared on both Vs. and Vitalogy, was left shocked when he found out that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame left his name out of Pearl Jam members being inducted. "Pearl Jam has always seemingly had a perceived level of integrity and has been known to stand their ground and fight the good fight, but it seems the allure of being given this trophy is just too important for them to take a stand," Abbruzzese wrote in one of many long Facebook posts.

Abbruzzese reassured fans that, "I want to let you all know that ultimately, it's gonna be okay. We still have the music and no amount of corporate conglomerate or ticky-tack bulls**t can keep us from enjoying the power of the music we love. The fact that we find outselves fighting for the integrity of the validity of a segment of Pearl Jam history to be acknowledged is straight up beautiful. The reason we have to is what the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is supposed to have been built to celebrate; the love of the music."

He also added that every individual "that was ever a debt incurring, life sacrificing, blood spilling, member" of any band inducted by the Hall of Fame should have their names included as well as to "leave it up to the group to show their true colors as they celebrate their own history in a manner of their choosing."

Abbruzzese turned his gaze back to his former bandmates, saying "I am personally at a loss for words for how Stone GossardMike McCreadyJeff AmentMatt CameronEddie Vedder and Kelly Curtis (Pearl Jam's manager) are accepting of such an injustice."

(source: Loudwire)