We Hate to Say "We Told You so," but Here's Why People Cheat.

June 21, 2017

I'm not sure if this is going to come as good news or bad news.  But according to a survey, the main reason a guy would cheat on you ISN'T because he's unhappy in the relationship or he doesn't have strong feelings for you anymore.

No . . . according to the survey, the top reason that guys cheat is, quote, "the other person was really hot." Don't we say this all the time during "How Creepy Is It?" If the other person is attractive, it really doesn't matter WHAT he/she does... they can get away with it not coming across as creepy because they are so hot.

By the way - the number two reason is that the other person may or may not have been hot, but they WERE hitting on him and showing him interest.  You have to get to number three before you find guys who cheated because of doubts about their relationship.

It's different for women.  The number one reason they cheat is because their significant other stopped paying attention to them, and the number two reason is because the other person was really there for them. Which really, if you think about it, both go hand-in-hand. I think Elaine said it best on Seinfeld: "I'm THERE for you."

The survey also found both men and women are most likely to cheat with a friend . . . a coworker . . . or someone they randomly meet when they're out.