The Rudest Things You Can Do While Texting.

January 23, 2018

This morning, we discussed some of the biggest texting faux pas that are out there. It seemed to strike a nerve with some of you, and, frankly, I'M GLAD. Because any time one of these behaviors gets under my skin, I feel like I'm just being nitpicky. (Me? What? Never.) I was very happy to hear that a lot of you share my frustration with some of these offenses. (Full disclosure: I'm totally guilty of some of these acts at times, but some of them are just SAVAGERY.)

I spotted a list on Buzzfeed of the top eight things that drive people crazy when it comes to others' texting missteps. Several of these have to do with things people do when they are out, so let's break these guys down first. They are, in order of annoyance from top to bottom, texting while on a date, texting while at a movie in a theater, and texting while you're out to dinner with other people. Texting on a date is just flat-out annoying and horrible. What better way to show someone you aren't paying a lick of attention to them or give literally zero effs about what they have to say? I know! Pull out your phone and text your cubicle neighbor Brenda about how adorable that new framed photo of her pug in a winter jacket is. Because that can't wait, right? Or, maybe just scroll through social media and see what exactly you're missing out on in the world by being on this date. Doesn't bother me as much if someone does it in a group of people, but if you are constantly asking "what?" or saying, "sorry, I missed that, what did you say?" then you need to PUT THE PHONE AWAY. (Granted... I get that there are some situations like having the kids home with a sitter or something like that where you'd want to have your phone easily accessible. But for general small talk that can wait? NO.) And for those of you who feel the need to text during a movie? Shame on you. If you at least make the effort to shut off the keyboard noise and dim the screen, I'll give you a pass for a few random texts scattered throughout the movie. If you're constantly holding a ridiculously bright screen up in front of your face, GTFO.

Texting while you walk came up on the list. Let's be honest... that's just thinning the herd at this point. If you're stupid enough to step off a curb into oncoming traffic because you can't be bothered to look up for two seconds... you probably deserve what happens next. The only reason I'll rule this out and say it's unacceptable is that you put other people in jeapordy. Say you step into the street and someone has to swere to avoid hitting you. That driver could hit another car, or another person. Pause and finish up what you're doing before you put yourself in the path of an oncoming vehicle that could turn you into a pancake.

Texting someone who's in the room was also another pet peeve on the list. That doesn't actually bother me so much. Sometimes you just need to tell someone that you can't stand Sally from accounting, or that you are going to fake a digestive emergency in order to get out of work early. You just can't always say what you need to out loud. Just be wary of texting about someone that is sitting next to or near the person you're texting. Inevitably, they will look over the one second that your friend pulls up the text. And God help you if your friend has bad eyesight and they have that HUGE TEXT FONT going.

I saved my most hated thing for last:



Just a single, solitary, "k."


You're not paying by the letter here, people. You can take two seconds to put the "o" before it. Nothing says "eff you" like getting a single "k" response. "KK" is up there, but not quite as bad as the lone "k." When I see that "k," this is what it translates as to me:

Eff you.





Go eff yourself.

Shut up.

Don't care.

That's your problem.

Not what I meant, but fine, take it that way.

I hate you.



I'm sure there are other things, but I will read that as ANYTHING but an actual "ok." Fair warning.