A Man Lives in the Woods For 10 Years to Get Away From His Wife

October 16, 2017

This might be THE most extreme passive-aggressive way anyone's ever gotten out of a bad marriage.

A little over a decade ago, a guy in his early 50s named Malcolm Applegate from Hampshire, England was finally OVER his wife nagging him.

So . . . he disappeared.  Literally.  One day he vanished, and no one heard from him again for a decade.

But he recently turned up again at a center called Emmaus Greenwich that helps homeless people get back on their feet.

It turns out Malcolm hated his marriage so much that he'd been living in the WOODS for 10 years.  It was right next to a community center for senior citizens, and he worked there as a gardener . . . but then, at night, he went back to the woods.

Eventually Malcolm heard about Emmaus and decided to head there to interview.  He moved in, and now at age 62 he's putting his life back together, which included getting back in touch with his sister who figured he was dead.

But, as far as we know, he has NOT gotten back in touch with his wife.