The Grinch Lives in Marblehead.

December 8, 2017

It's the holiday season. And many people choose to celebrate the holidays by decorating. People from all different backgrounds and all different religions put up decorations and lights to celebrate during December.

Now, I get it. Sometimes, the decorations can be a bit much. There are people who like to fill their yards with all sorts of figurines and inflatables. Some people love them, and some people hate them. (Enter complaint about property values here.) Usually, it's people that have kids that have these kinds of decorations, or people who do it for the kids. I like to keep it simple at my own house, but I'm not gonna hate on people who decorate for the holidays. It's usually only for a month, and I've never had to listen to the fan on an inflatable decoration late into the night, so I really have no complaints here. Plus, I think it's festive and gets you in the mood. (However, you people that leave the decorations up year-round? Savages. You're all savages. I guess I can understand if you leave up lights and just don't illuminate them, but there is ZERO need to leave Santa rotting in his sleigh in your front yard through August. Zee-row.) 

I'd like to reference a controversy that I spotted recently on the "All Marblehead Happenings" Facebook page. I live in Swampscott, and am in Marblehead pretty much daily, so I like to keep up with the goings-on there. Someone had posted a reference to a letter that a family that had just moved to Marblehead received, and then the homeowner posted it. Some anonymous person (read: Scrooge) sent this letter to Thomas Mathers and his family: 

Ahh. Town tough guy over here. Freaking out for no reason over a little festivity during the season. Wanna see what vile, terrible, awful, gross, nightmare of a Christmas display they put up? Want to? Wanna see it? Brace yourself... it's pretty ridiculous... 


 (Photo: Lori Gianatasio)

That's it. 

That's... it. 

A beautifully-wrapped tree, glittering with white lights. The very same type of decoration used on trees all over the city of Boston at which people come to marvel. The same lights that line either side of Commonwealth Ave during this season. Lovely. Beautiful. Simple. 

This is what has this person's panties in a bunch. Frankly, I was shocked. I assumed it was going to be some crazy, tacky, outlandish display. But once I saw this photo? I shook my head. I know it can be tough if you live in a neighborhood with someone who is a hardo Christmas decorator, and has a house that draws traffic and passersby from all over. I know it can be tough if a display full of blinking lights set to music is constantly interrupting your sleep, like when Kramer and Seinfeld were woken up by the bright, buzzing sign atop Kenny Rogers Roasters. This seems more than a little bit nitpicky to me. It's a tree. One tree. And they didn't just toss the strand of lights wherever... they had it done professionally. 

You've likely heard me talk on the show about what types of things that neighbors can do that irritate me. (Side note: I'm lucky to have AMAZING neighbors.) So you know how picky I can be about stuff, especially when it comes to property upkeep. I just fail to see what the big deal is here. I would have no problem looking at this display, and would think it would add to the beauty of the area. The one thing that makes me *really* happy is the outpouring of support the family has received on social media. Marblehead residents have spoken in a chorus of approval, stating what a nice thing it is to see this tree driving on and off the Causeway to get to The Neck. In fact, I have yet to see one comment, out of the hundreds posted, that agrees with the person who sent the letter.

You have my support, Mathers family. Next year, I think you should light up a few more trees.