GOING DEEPER: New Underwear.

July 31, 2018


One of the questions we've received during this segment consistently over time concerns underwear. "My girlfriend/fiancee/wife just bought new underwear a month ago, and I have yet to see it. Is she cheating on me?"

Well... maybe. 

What we have to take a look at are a few different factors:

1. Is the style completely different than something she usually wears?

Rarely do women just shake up their lingerie purchases for the hell of it. If you buy fancy underwear, you buy fancy underwear. If you don't, you don't. It could be that she decided, "hey... this looks like fun... maybe I'll try something new," and just hasn't had occasion to wear it. Not super likely, unless you have an event coming up? Maybe a vacation? Is she prepping for something like that? Which leads me to the next question:

2. Does this underwear compliment something, like an outfit? 

Are you going to a wedding or fancy event that necessitates a selection that won't show panty lines? I love you guys, but sometimes you can't tell the difference between fancy and functional. Do you have a trip or special night out planned? Maybe she bought it on purpose just for that. 

3. Has her behavior changed otherwise?

This is really the money question. New underwear alone is not a solid significator of infidelity. But, coupled with other shady actions, (hiding her phone, coming home late, showering when she normally wouldn't...) it could indicate that something is afoot. I'd take a look at everything as a whole.

If the underwear is just sitting there, unworn, I wouldn't worry too much. Yes, it's possible another dude could have bought it for her, but in that case, she'd likely hide it, not file it away with her usual choices in the ol' underwear drawer. If she's regularly wearing it and you HAVEN'T seen it, then I'd be a little suspect. You can certainly confront her about it. Just be sure that you have the necessary secondary information. The second you call out a cheater, they change their behavior pattern. You may want to observe for a while and see if anything else is up before giving up your trump card. Cheaters who think that you are oblivious to what is going on get sloppy eventually. Just wait and see. 

Also, if y'all wanna be childish, hide it somewhere and just wait for her to ask if you've seen it. Then she'll likely feel pressure to explain what it's for. If you REALLY wanna mind eff her... find out where it's from, and go buy the exact same underwear and gift it to her. *dun dun dunnnnnnnnnn*