GOING DEEPER: Dream Cheating

September 12, 2018

Tell me if you've heard this one before... guys, you wake up, and your wife/girlfriend/fiancee is in a crap mood. You're getting short answers, attitude, and side eye. You aren't sure what you did, if anything, and it's become passive-aggressive city, and you're the mayor. She barely speaks to you all day, and you have no idea what happened.

Finally, at the end of the day, she reveals to you that she's mad at you... wait for it... because you cheated on her in HER DREAM. Ahh, yes, the old dream cheat. It's bad enough to be accused of cheating in real life when you haven't done anything wronng. It's terrible when you're accused of being someplace you haven't been with someone you don't know. But the dream cheat... that takes the cake.

Here's the thing. We put a lot of stock in our subconscious. Does a dream cheat mean you've cheated in real life, because of some wild mystical episode happening in a parallel universe? No. However, dreams are one way that our brain reveals things to us. Our struggles manifest during our slumber, and our brain puts those messages into a format that will mean something to us. Now, not everyone is skilled at interpreting dreams. You could misunderstand and blow a situation completely out of proportion. But it could be that you are picking up on subliminal signals based on your partner's actions, words, and changes in patterns of behavior. (This applies to men, too.) So your brain is seeing these things that you aren't realizing, and it's putting it together in a way that will wake your ass up, literally and figuratively, so that you are aware that something is up.

What I'd recommend is doing your best to reassure your loved one that no, you are not cheating. Don't get pissy. Don't get defensive. Be kind to our sensitive nature and our super brains. Pick your battles. This isn't the one. In the meantime, I'd recommend checking yourself before you wreck yourself, and see if you've been doing anything weird, shady, or secretive lately, that's making her synapses fire in a way that makes you look suspect. 


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