Don't Stand So Close To Me

April 4, 2017

Apparently we're not a country that likes people invading our personal space. 

A new study asked people how FAR AWAY we want someone to stand when we're having a conversation with them.  And the average answer was 3.11 feet, which is a little more than an arm's length away.

The study also asked people in other countries, and our answer was right in the middle.

People in Romania want people the furthest away, at 4.56 feet, and Hungary is second, at 4.26 feet.  I guess that explains why some people are yelling at each other all the time . . . you'd need to talk loud at those distances.

South Americans seem the coolest with people getting close to them.  People in Argentina only want you 2.5 feet away, and people in Peru averaged 2.6 feet. 


Also, betcha didn't think I could earmoth in a blog post. Think again: