Corey Taylor Of Slipknot/Stone Sour Blasts The Grammys For Disrespecting Metallica

February 27, 2017

Corey Taylor of Slipknot and Stone Sour has never been one to bite his tongue. Especially with something as significant as Metallica's temporarily botched collaboration with Lady Gaga at the 2017 Grammy Awards.

Taylor said in a recent interview that he felt "bad for Metallica," after a band of their stature were "disrespected" while on a major platform. 

Taylor added that James Hetfield's microphone would most likely had been turned on if their own staff handled their equipment for the live broadcast. “All of Metallica’s people are not allowed to work on live performances on television. None of us are. They have a sound producer and a whole crew of people who work on those shows and then your people work right behind them, all right? But you’re not allowed to touch anything, which is horses**t, because stuff like this then happens."

What did Taylor have to say about Laverne Cox forgetting to mention Metallica's name in her introduction? "The fact that then they weren't introduced? It was just, 'Oh, here's Lady Gaga...' Oh, by the way, she's f**king with Metallica, you dick." Cox did manage to offer an apology to Metallica and their fans for her forgetfulness.

So what does this mean for Taylor's view of the Grammys? He says that his "strong opinions" of the awards ceremony were "cemented" after the level of disrespect shown towards Metallica. "We don't need your respect," he said. "We don't need you to make us feel like we accomplshed something because all you do is open our mouths and s**t in it and I'm tired of tasting it. So, f**k you, dude. And by the way, I've won one, so it's not a big deal. They don't even really listen to this s**t. They go, 'Oh, I recognize that name. There you go."

(source: Loudwire)