Comedian Jim Breuer Reacts To The GRAMMYs Screwing Up Metallica's Performance: 'You Had ONE Job!'

February 13, 2017

"You had ONE job!" says comedian and Metallica fan Jim Breuer.

On the heels of their performance with Lady Gaga at the 59th annual Grammy awards, Metallica experienced a rough start in what should have been a slam-dunk in the faces of all of the other artists present. But with actress Laverne Cox forgetting to say their name in their intro and even worse, James Hetfield's microphone wasn't turned on for the first verse of the song "Moth Into Flame," the Grammys has Breuer seething.

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"How do you screw that up?" says Breuer in a Facebook video. "For a program celebrating artists, what a disgraceful event. Ughhhh. I want an apology to Metallica and all of their fans."