Come Support Vets And Meet Local Football Legends @ The WWAFT Game Saturday

November 10, 2017

Your weekends are precious, and probably pretty packed to begin with. And this veteran's Day weekend you might have a few extra events, activities and remembrances to attend. But if you're looking for something unique, exciting and spirited, might I recommend The Wounded Warriors Amputee Football Game? These guys who sacrificed so much get a chance to show off their moves and demonstrate that they got game for adoring crowds all across the country. And this year the WWAFT is taking on the Boston NFL Alumni Team...basicaly, some local and Patriots an all-star, good-natured, fund-raising effort on a chilly fall Saturday at Xaverian Bros HS in Westwood. Oh...and you might recognize the QB, some guy named Bledsoe?

There'll be photo ops and a chance to meet the heroes and alumni and players you rooted for, and your dad rooted for, and more. And if all this Veteran's Day fun isn;t about swinging by to say hi to your ol' pal Nick from Matty & Nick, who will be doing play-by-play on the game? Come on! It's gonna be a blast! Great time for so many great causes on a great day! For information on ther event, tickets and more visit...

See you there! And Happy Veteran's Day!