Clean Bottles: Boston startup creates sanitary reusable water bottle

August 15, 2018

Using a reusable water bottle is an easy way to live sustainably. But, many reusable bottles end up growing dangerous germs or mold because they are difficult to clean, so they are thrown out. Even when they are cleaned, a normal water bottle can grow mold in and around the nozzle because there is no way to open them to dry or deep clean inside of it.

However, Clean Bottle is trying to change that with their sanitary reusable water bottles.

A normal reusable water bottle can hold over 100,000 colony-forming units per square centimeter while the average pet toy only has 2,937 CFUs.

But, while Clean Bottles look like normal water bottles, the Boston-born bottles have removable dishwasher-safe nozzles and bottoms. This means the Clean Bottle can be completely washed before bacteria or mold starts to form, making it one of the most sustainable and sanitary reusable water bottles.

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