Bruce Willis Gets His Revenge To The Tune Of AC/DC In "Death Wish" Trailer

August 4, 2017

Bruce Willis - badass

An awesome revenge flick - badass

AC/DC - badass

Feel free to check off all three of those badass things in the new trailer for "Death Wish," a 2017 remake of the 1974 original film that starred Charles Bronson. And what better way to take on the world with fiery explosions behind you than to the tune of "Back In Black" by AC/DC? Check it out below!

Director Eli Roth was also a guest on the Matty & Nick show where they had a chance to discuss the film, as well as a possible Boston revenge film, his cannibalistic horror flick "The Green Inferno," and reliving his college days with his former dorm mate, Nick! Listen in the podcast below!