This Bon Scott Press Conference Is A Reminder That Rock Stars Once Roamed The Earth...And They Were Wasted.

October 8, 2018

There aren't too many "Rock Stars" left on the planet.  There are movie stars who act like rock stars.  There are rappers who have taken on the task of living like rock stars.  There are athletes who dress and sometimes act like rock stars.  But there are very few raging full on, haven't showered in three days, haven't been sober since we got signed ROCK STARS.  

Sure, we still have the surviving members of Led Zeppelin(retired), Black Sabbath(mostly retired), U2, The Rolling Stones.  But they are grizzled veterans.  They have seen the bloodshot depths of the lowest points and the highest of the million dollar highs.  Now they are older and wiser, getting enough sleep and eating their vitamins.  Or they tragically shuffled this mortal coil, paying the final check for the hyper-lives they’ve lead.

Much like the late great ACDC lead singer Bon Scott.  From day one he was wound up and ready to go.  One of the most charismatic and dangerous frontmen in Rock.  Every parent’s nightmare.  Along with his band mates he ripped his way across the planet at maximum volume, drinking and drugging at a rate that would kill ten men a week.  He inevitably crashed in 1980, dying the classic rock star death, choking on his own vomit.

While searching for instructional videos on how to replace the ballcock in my toilet(yes, my rock n roll lifestyle ended years ago when I purchased a leaf blower), I stumbled upon this video of an amazingly inebriated Bon Scott press conference from 1977.  In front of the Australian press(and some sweet 70’s wood paneling)  a drunk, irreverent Scott deflects accusations that ACDC are a gang of “uncouth” thugs looking to impregnate your daughters.  All while enjoying one of possibly many pints he’s had that day.  He also rails against the current trend called “Punk Rock” while giving the scene a lesson at the very end.  All without a care in the world.  If you want blood, you got it.