WAAF Bay State Rock playlist 12/8/19

December 9, 2019
Girls Rock Band

WAAF Bay State Rock playlist 12/8/19... As we go along...

  • PIXIES-Monkey Gone To Heaven-Weds Big Night Live
  • The Addition-In Between-Sat Thunder Road Music Club
  • The Dents-Better Off-Sat Sally O'Brien's Jenn and Michelle Birthday celebration
  • Chandler Travis Philharmonic-E-Thurs ONCE Somerville Christmas Cavalcade
  • Allison and Moon-Covered-Weds O'Brien's Pub
  • Titanics-Man's Inhumanity to Man-Nat Freedberg performs Thurs ONCE Somerville Christmas Cavalcade
  • Silent Season-Wounds-Fri Fete Music Hall
  • The Dogmatics-Thayer Street-Sun The Plough and Stars
  • The Nickel & Dime Band w@Rick Berlin-Tease Me-Fri McGanns Irish Pub
  • The Ungraded-Join Together-Fri McGanns Irish Pub
  • PIXIES-Catfish Kate-Weds Big Night Live
  • John Powhida International Airport-Recycle Morning in Arlington Heights-Tues Toad Cambridge 7:30PM also Thurs ONCE Somerville
  • PIXIES-Gigantic¬†
  • The High End-100 Proof-Sat Midway Cafe
  • Stop Calling Me Frank-Santa Buy Me A Beer-Fri The Midway Cafe
  • Featuring a previously recorded live acoustic by Chris Trapper from 12/4/11 on WAAF <3
  • Field Day-The Future Is Here-Fri The Jungle Community Music Club
  • Jay Allen and The Archcriminals-Beautiful Chaos-Sun The Plough and Stars
  • The FUs-Warlords-Fri Koto
  • The Dazies-What You Do To Me-Mon O'Brien's Pub
  • Skyfoot-Soul Of Mine-Sat Atwood's Tavern
  • Baabes-Lex Luthor and Satan-Sat Midway Cafe