WAAF Bay State Rock playlist 12/29/19

December 30, 2019
Rock Band

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WAAF Bay State Rock playlist 12/29/19... as we go along...

  • Andy Pratt-Avenging Annie-Tues Club Bohemia
  • Wooden Leg (Jimmy Ryan)-Turn Back The World-Wed Atwood's Tavern
  • Asa Brebner-Don’t Forget Me
  • Sky Tigers-Affordable Garbage-Fri The Jungle Community Music Club
  • Wargasm-Revenge  
  • Big Giant-Loaded Gun (Just Forget It)-Sun Midway Cafe
  • Dead Trains-Mr.Man-Fri Great Scott
  • Human Sexual Response-Pound  
  • The Four Point Restraints-The Wrath of Miller’s Daughter-Sat The Jungle Community Music Club  
  • Gene Dante and The Future Starlets-The Love Letter Is Dead-Sat Ralph's Rock Diner
  • PowerSlut-Sleep With My Friends-Sat O'Brien's Pub
  • Classic Ruins-Nyquil Stinger-Tues Club Bohemia 
  • Red Red Rockit-I’m Afraid of Americans-Sat O'Brien's Pub 
  • Don White-I’m From Lynn-Sat Club Bohemia
  • Featuring A Previously Recorded Live Acoustic Performance by Eddie Japan from 05/04/14 on WAAF!! <3 
  • OH THE HUMANITY-Doubt-Fri O'Brien's Pub
  • Richie Parsons-Beverly-Thurs Midway Cafe
  • Barefoot Young-Somebody New-Sat ONCE Somerville  
  • Threat Level Burgundy-Never Forgive-Sat Midway Cafe  
  • Razorburn City-Rolling Smoke-Fri Koto
  • The Devils Twins-Love and War-Tues ONCE Somerville