Bay State Rock Recap 7/7/2019

July 8, 2019

WAAF Bay State Rock playlist 07/7/19...As we go along...

Scruffy the Cat "40 Days and 40 Nights"  

Freeloader "Ragdoll" - Fri The Plough and Stars

Rebuilder "Keep Me Awake" - Fri ONCE Somerville

The Neighborhoods "W.U.S.A"

Major Moment "Living Your Life Like This" - Sat Fete Music Hall

Bim Skala Bim Music "Pretty Flowers" - Fri Wellfleet Beachcomber

Speed Fossil "You Got A lot of nerve" - Thurs Sally O'Brien's

Lily Black "Cover It Up" - Sat Art Beat Festival (Corner of Elm St & Chester St Somerville, MA)

Think Tree "Hire A Bird"   

Aaron Shadwell "Goodnight Friday" - Sat Northeast Balloon Festival

Primary Colors Boston "Fact and Fiction"  

Graneros band "Mexico" - Sat Sally O'Brien's

Mission of Burma "That's When I Reach For My Revolver" 

Kal Marks "Don’t Pussyfoot with The Pussyfooter" - Sun Great Scott

Andrea Gillis Band "Land On Me" - Sat Atwood's Tavern

Featuring a Previously Recorded Live Acoustic Performance By The Lights Out from 10/23/08 on WAAF!! <3

Elsewhere "Don’t You Believe Me Baby" - Fri The Jungle Community Music Club

Gene Dante and The Future Starlets "We Are All Whores" - Sat Koto

The House On Cliff "Skin & Bone" - Sat Midway Cafe

State Of The Union "Falling" - Sun Midway Cafe

Baabesv "Lex Luther & Satan" - Fri Koto

Liz Borden "Restless Soul" - Fri Cantab Lounge

Thee Fightin' Fish "You’re Killing Me" - Thurs Opus Underground