Bay State Rock Recap 7/21/2019

July 23, 2019

WAAF Bay State Rock playlist 07/21/19...As we go along...

LaPESTE "I Don’t Know Right From Wrong"  

Fireking "Built To Last" - Sat Midway Cafe

Reverse "Victoria"   

The Winter Project "Hold" - Sat Beatnik's

Muck and the Mires "Lonliness" - Sat Midway Cafe

Allison and Moon "Covered" - Sat Raven Worcester

Classic Ruins "Geraldine, I need money (More than I need you)" - Sat The Square Root

Hi-End "I Don’t Really Care" - Sat The Square Root

Graneros band "Microphone" - Fri Midway Cafe

speedfossil "You’ve Got a Lot of Nerve" - Sat Sally O'Brien's

Nico Rivers & the Black Grass "Back Roads" - Thurs Atwood's Tavern

The Knock Ups "Dionysius" - Sat The Jungle Community Music Club

Doigenstein "Sultans Of Swing (Dire Straits cover)" - Fri Koto

Modern Day Idols "So Hollywood (Chris Wagner live and unplugged)" Fri Tavern at the End of the World

Rebuilder "Keep Me Awake" - Fri O'Brien's Pub

Featuring A previously Recorded Live Acoustic Performance by Aberdeen City from 11/12/06 on WAAF!! <3

Dutch ReBelle "Beantown Shit" - Hop Fest 2019 Sat Middle East Restaurant and Nightclub

Parks "Sweet Weather" - Tues Great Scott

No Crying in Baseball "The Ghost Of Rhode Island" - Sat Patterson Creations

This Bliss "Make It Real" - Sat Lizard Lounge Cambridge

The I Want You "Bride of Gloom" - Wed Midway Cafe

HGP-The Hirsh Gardner Project "Sister Jane" - Sat Breakaway