Bay State Rock Recap 6/16/19

June 17, 2019

WAAF Bay State Rock playlist 06/16/19...As we go along...

Lily Black "Leave Me Alone" - Sat Grendel's Den Restaurant & Bar

Black Beach "You’re a Ghost" - Tues O'Brien's Pub

The Gala "US-Faker" - Sat Midway Cafe

Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys "Come Black Magic" - Sat Iron Horse Entertainment/IHEG

Throwing Muses "Green (Kristen Hersh ElectricTrio)" - Thurs ONCE Somerville

Tad Overbaugh "Open Road & Blue Sky" - Sat Sally O'Brien's

Major Moment "May Leave Scars" - Wed Middle East Restaurant and Nightclub

Kingsley Flood "I Don’t Wanna Go Home" - Fri The Jungle Community Music Club

Half-Astronaut "Wonderland" - Wed Midway Cafe

Little Billy Lost "Lost" - Sat Ralph's Rock Diner

Thinner "Black Forest Walking" - Sat Ralph's Rock Diner

Worshipper "Step Behind" - Fri ONCE Somerville

The Rationales. "Ready To Go" - Fri Sally O'Brien's

The Outlets "Not Too Late"  

The Shills "Move A Mountain" - Thurs Opus Underground

Leopard Print Taser "Losing It" - Sat Opus Underground

Featuring A Live Acoustic Performance By Lily Black

The Neighborhoods "Evil Knievel" 

Exit 18 "All Yours" - Sat Opus Underground

Arms and Ears "Bamboo" - Mon The Jungle Community Music Club

Matt Charette "Carry On" - Sat ONCE Somerville