Bay State Rock Recap 5/5/19

May 6, 2019

WAAF Bay State Rock playlist 05/5/19...As we go along... 

Classic Ruins "1+1<2" - Sat Koto

SCREW CART "Plate of Hate" - Sat Koto

The FUs "Warlords" - Sat Koto

SkyTigers "Knuckleduster" - Sat Sally O'Brien's

The Dents "Better Off" - Sat Sally O'Brien's

The Downhauls "Convenient Friend" - Sat Sally O'Brien's

The Knock Ups "Dionysius" - Sat Midway Cafe

Lily Black "Leave Me Alone" - Sat Somerville Porchfest (40 Pearson Ave, Somerville, MA)

Luxury Deathtrap "Retreater" - Fri Hong Kong Harvard Shows

Major Moment "Living Your Life Like This" - Thurs UnchARTed + Fri The Jungle Community Music Club

O-Positive "Say Goodbye" 

The Thigh Scrapers "On The Radio" - Fri The Jeanie Johnston Pub

James Montgomery "The Same Thing" - Sun 9 Wallis

Nemes "Walk Me Down" - Fri O'Brien's Pub

The Incredible Casuals "Let Her Dance"  

Chandler Travis Philharmonic "By The Way" - Sun Midway Cafe

The Von Traps "Witch City" - Sat Opus Underground

Featuring a Previously Recorded Live Acoustic Performance by The Cold Goodnight from 08/30/09 on WAAF !! <3

Exit 18 "All Yours" - Fri The Jungle Community Music Club

Blue Hyenas "Where To Run" - Sat Thunder Road Music Club

Above the Din "Calloused Heart" - Fri Ralph's Rock Diner

André Obin "Pale Fire" - Sun Middle East Restaurant and Nightclub

Circus Trees "The Theft" - Thurs UnchARTed

The Dirty Truckers "Help You Ann" - Thurs The Plough and Stars

Copilot "Disappointment: In The Form Of Love" - Sat Beat Brew Hall