Bay State Rock Recap 5/26/19

May 28, 2019

WAAF Bay State Rock playlist 05/26/19...As we go along...

The Neighborhoods "Hangin'"

Thinner "Ride the Hide Low" - Saturday June 1st at  Vincent's Worcester  w/ Little Big Wheel.

Little Big Wheel "Stupid Song"

Roll Over White "Head Down" - Saturday  at the Norwell Festival (1 River St., Norwell, MA)

The Outlets "Best Friends"

The Von Traps "Witch City" - Friday at Rg's Pub Haverhill. Send off party for The Speedboys cross country motorcycle trip with Diablogato and Loser's Circle

SEE THIS WORLD "Pressure" - Saturday at Ralph's Rock Diner (Metal for MS) with Texas Death Match, Epitome of Dog and Right Brigade

The Bags "The Bags of Boston Appreciation Society" - Pioneer.

Elsewhere "To the Surface" - at Middle East Restaurant and Nightclub.  Rat, Cantones, Channel Club, band member reunion with Andy Pratt, Fred Pineau of The Atlantics, and Gary Shane.

LAPESTE "Die in My Sleep"

High Karate "Swallow Me Hole" - Friday at O'Brien's Pub with Set Fire, Disco Rice, and Duncan Wilder Johnson

CA McNeill "Zero" - An evening with McNeil, Saturday at Atwood's Tavern

Robin Lane and the Chartbusters "When Things Go Wrong"

Above the Din "Calloused Heart" - Tuesday at The Jungle Community Music Club with Waiver Wire and Doully H Yang

Featuring a previously recorded live acoustic by Flynn M from 11/11/07 on WAAF - @Flynn celebrates his LP release Saturday at Club Passim

Nat Freedberg "Devil Rockin' Man" - Saturday at The Plough and Stars with Hayley Thompson King.

The Dogmatics "Thayer Street"

Crowfeeder "Pinebox" - Saturday at UnchARTed with Intercourse, Heavy Meta, Bystander and Knock Over City.

Kid Gulliver "You'll Never Know" - Thursday at The Plough and Stars with Field Day.

Field Day "The Future is Here"

Pastiche "Psycho Blonde" 

The Four Point Restraints "The Wrath of Miller's Daughter" - Friday at Sally O'Brien's with Uranium Daughters and Fire For Cavemen.

Why Try? "Life On Tv" - Wednesday at the Midway Cafe with The Endorphins, Where's Walden? and Black Hatch.

This Bliss "Hurt Me" - Saturday at Sally O'Brien's with Kitka from Sweden.