Bay State Rock Recap 3/31/2019

April 1, 2019

WAAF Bay State Rock playlist 03/31/19... As we go along...

Nervous Eaters "Born To Die"

Happy Little Clouds "Beneath" - Condolences to Jac Mestel on the loss of her mother

Asa Brebner "Trapped inside a Teardrop"  

The Rupert Selection "Funeral Party" - Sun Koto

State Of The Union "Lost in Tokyo" - Sun Opus Underground

The Only Things "Last Rites" - Sun Opus Underground

Abbie Barrett & Band "Get Up And Go" - Mon City Winery Boston

Titanics "Drag You Down To My Level" 

Nat Freedberg "Devil Rockin’ Man" - Sat Sally O'Brien's

Silent Season "Chance" - Sat Middle East Restaurant and Nightclub

Allison and Moon "Covered" - Fri Union Tavern

Little Billy Lost "Magdalena" - Fri Koto

FARRENHEIT "Fool In Love (live)"

David Hull "Pay Some Attention"

Featuring A Previously Recorded Live Acoustic Performance by Coyote Kolb  (Chadley Kolb Music) from 08/7/11 on WAAF!! <3

Weakened Friends "Blue Again" - Fri+Sat Great Scott

Tsunami of Sound "Motor Oil" - Tues O'Brien's Pub

Why Try? "Life on TV" - Thurs Thunder Road Music Club

Professor Caffeine & the Insecurities "Daisy" - Fri O'Brien's Pub

Bystander "A Tiny Spider" - Wed Koto

Half "Astronaut" - Wonderland-Mon Midway Cafe

Petty Morals "Just A Game" - Sat The Plough and Stars

The Inebriations "Chelsea Station" - Sat Midway Cafe