Bay State Rock Recap 1/27/19

January 28, 2019

WAAF Bay State Rock playlist 01/27/19...As we go along... 

CHRISTIAN MCNEILL & SEA MONSTERS (McNeill) "Zero" -Sun Sally O'Brien's

Heavy Necker "Million Mile Man" - Fri Opus

Graneros band "Microphone" - Thurs Opus

Test Meat "Please Hurt" - Sat Sally O'Brien's

Await Rescue "Everyone You Know" - Fri O'Brien's Pub

Absinthe Rose "Bread & Booze" - Fri Midway Cafe 

Worshipper "Black Corridor" - Fri Koto

Fireking "Look To The Sun" - Sat Club Bohemia Cambridge Massachusetts 

The Billy Connors Project "Gone Wrong" - Sat Club Bohemia Cambridge Massachusetts

The Blue Bloods "Dying Day" - Sat Great Scott

Robin Lane and the Chartbusters "When Things Go Wrong" 

Diablogato "Take The Ride" - Fri Alchemy 

360’s "Illumintated"

Averi "Out From Oz"

Exit 18 "All Yours" - Fri Middle East Restaurant and Nightclub

The Welch Boys "Head In The Sand" - Sat Great Scott

Featuring A Previously Recorded Live Acoustic Performance by Taxpayer from 04/19/09 on WAAF!! <3

ACOUSTIFIED "Believe" - Wed Paradise Rock Club

Mass "Only A Dream" - Sat The Vault Music Hall & Pub at Greasy Luck

Actor|Observer "Glass Eye" - Sat O'Brien's Pub

Speed Fossil "Nike Heart" - Fri Tavern at the End of the World

Kid Gulliver "You’ll Never Know" - Fri Sally O'Brien's

Hobo Chili "Warm Beer" - Sat Midway Cafe

Totaled "Jitterbug" - Fri Ralph's Rock Diner