Bay State Rock Recap: 11/4/18

November 5, 2018

WAAF Bay State Rock Playlist 11/4/18... As we go along... 

The Gravel Pit "Skipping Through the Chill" 

GangGreen "Voices Carry Sterk" 

The Gobshites "Alcohol"

Scissorfight "Giardia" - Fri The Press Room

Major Moment "What It's Like" - Wed Midway Cafe

Heretix "Always Darkest"

Troll 2 "We All Take Drugs" - Fri Midway Cafe

The Maxims "Boom chi chi boom" - Fri Pink Noise Studios - Somerville

Letters to Cleo "Green Eggs" - Sat (Nov.17th) Paradise Rock Club

The Rupert Selection "Funeral Party" - Sun Sonia

Morphine "The Other Side"

The Rationales "Ready To Go" - Mon O'Brien's Pub

The Welch Boys "Head In the sand" - Sat Midway Cafe

The Only Things "Hit List" - Fri The Worthen Attic

Jim Coyle "In Between" - Fri Sally O'Brien's

Featuring A Previously Recorded Live Acoustic Performance by The Shills from 04/13/08 on WAAF!! <3

Threat Level Burgundy "Never Forgive" - Sat O'Brien's Pub

Sunshine Riot "Margaret Mae" 

Dan Masterson "Bayonet' Tues Thunder Road Music Club & Rock n' Roll Bistro

Eric Salt Music "Excellent"  Sun Toad

André Obin "Can’t let Go" - Tues Great Scott

In The Meantime "Do Over" - Wed Great Scott