Bay State Rock Recap 1/13/19

January 14, 2019

WAAF Bay State Rock playlist 01/13/19... As we go along... 

GangGreen "Voices Carry"   

Stars Like Ours "Love In A Parking Lot" - Thurs ONCE Somerville

The Billy Connors Project "Gone Wrong" - Fri Koto

Mickey Rickshaw "Rats In Allston" - Tues Model Cafe

Left Nut "Burned Black"  

Little Billy Lost "Lost" - Fri Sally O'Brien's

Allison and Moon "Covered" - Sun O'Brien's Pub

human sexual response "UNBA UNBA"

Watts "On The Dial" - Sat ONCE Somerville

Nat Freedberg "Devil Rockin’ Man" - Sat ONCE Somerville

Major Moment "What It's Like" - Sat Middle East Restaurant and Nightclub

The Outlets "Eddie"   

Lannen "Thank You" - Fri Middle East Restaurant and Nightclub

Bill Janovitz (of Buffalo Tom) "Taillights Fade (live) w/Pearl Jam" - Sat Burren Backroom Series

Arms and Ears "Lead Me Out" - Sat Great Scott

The Thigh Scrapers "On The Radio" - Fri Koto

Featuring A Previously Recorded Live Acoustic Performance by Bill Janovitz from 9/26/04 on WAAF!! <3

Fireking "Contagious" - Sun The Plough and Stars

Modern Day Idols "Pretty In Pain" - Sat The Squealing Pig Boston

Shepherdess "Blackout" - Sat Midway Cafe

Future Teens "Party Ethic" - Tues ONCE Somerville

Tiger Bomb "Come On Baby" - Fri The Stone Church Music Club

Dutch Tulips "Cadillac" - Thurs O'Brien's Pub

Troll 2 "We All Take Drugs" - Thurs Great Scott

Tsunami of Sound "Boogie Boardwalk" - Wed ONCE Somerville