Bay State Rock Recap 11/18/18

November 21, 2018

WAAF Bay State Rock Playlist 11/18/18... As we go along... 

Asa Brebner-Prophecy-Tues The Cape Ann Cinema & Stage

Glowbox-Just In Case-Wed Midway Cafe

Jon Butcher Axis-Life Takes A Life

The Blue Ribbons-Family-Wed Toad Cambridge

Abbie Barrett & Band "Falling" - Fri Atwood's Tavern

Mighty Mighty Bosstones "It Can't Hurt" 

Richie Parsons "Beverly" - Tues Midway Cafe

High Karate "Swallow Me Whole" - Fri Koto

Eddie Japan "1 A.M" - Sat Lizard Lounge Cambridge

Gary Shane and the Detour "Johnny’s Coaltrain" - Tues The Cape Ann Cinema & Stage

Doigenstein "Sultans Of Swing" 

The Rupert Selection "Funeral Party" - Fri Opus Underground

Corin Ashley "Geez Louise" - Mon Midway Cafe

Featuring A Previously Recorded Live Acoustic Performance By Jennifer Tefft From 04/27/14 on WAAF!! <3

Leather Lung "Gin & Chronic" - Fri O'Brien's Pub

Grace Drive "Ashes" - Mon Bungalow Bar & Grill

Ghost Train "Couldn't Love You More" - Sat Cady's Tavern

Michael Kane "Born To Run" - Wed Ralph's Rock Diner

Arctic Horror "Black Seas" - Sat O'Brien's Pub