Bay State Rock Recap: 10/28/18

October 30, 2018

WAAF Bay State Rock Playlist 10/28/18... As we go along...

Lou Miami and the Kozmetix "Monster Mash"

Black 13 "Sin City Living" - Fri The New World Tavern

Frank Black "His Kingly Cave" 

Lily Black "Cover It up" - Fri Koto

Little Billy Lost "World" - Fri Koto

Thinner "Black Forest Walking" 

Blindspot "All I Am" - Sat UnchARTed

Human Sexual Response - "Dolls"

Fire in the Field - "Tomahawk" - Fri Middle East Restaurant and Nightclub

GangGreen - "Voices Scary"

Best Not Broken - "Faster" - Sun Sonia

Dinosaur Jr "Freak Scene"  

The Raindogs "Dance Of The Freaks"  

Muddler "Marching Band" - Fri O'Brien's Pub

Featuring A Previously Recorded Live Acoustic Performance by The Rationales from 11/11/12 on WAAF!! <3

High Karate - "Swallow Me Whole" - Fri The Cove Music Hall

OC45 - "Down We Go" - Sat O'Brien's Pub

Susan Cattaneo "Barn Burning" - Thurs Lizard Lounge Cambridge

Copilot "Spendin All My Money" - Sat Loretta's Last Call

Mint Green "Curtains" - Sun Midway Cafe

The Motivated Sequence "Sci-Fi" -Thurs The Plough and Stars