Bay State Rock Recap: 10/21/18

October 22, 2018

In case you missed our broadcast on 10/21/18, here's a recap of all of the artists featured this week and where you can see them:

Lyres "Don't Give Up Now" - Sat Middle East Restaurant and Nightclub

Big D and the Kids Table "Checklist" - Sat Middle East Restaurant and Nightclub

As The Sparrow "Kill The Messenger" - Sat Atwood's Tavern

Carissa Johnson "You Lost You" Sat Opus Underground

The Atlantics, Boston, MA "One Last Night"  

The Silks Music "Livin' In The World" Wed ONCE Somerville

The Humanoids "Pride By The Barrel" - Fri Midway Cafe

human sexual response "Pound"  

Aaron Shadwell "Goodnight Friday" - Mon The Plough and Stars

The Knock Ups "Shut Up (And Put Your Dress On)" - Thurs O'Brien's Pub

Dead Harrison "The Darkness" - Leda Lanes Lighthouse Glow Bowling

Ghosts of Jupiter "Shelter" -Thurs Ghosts of Jupiter Live at the Lizard Lounge

Swinging Erudites "Walk With An Erection"

Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys "A Friend In Goddamn" - Thurs Museum of Science, Boston

The Wolff Sisters "Honey Whiskey" - Sat The Plough and Stars

Featuring A Previously Recorded Live Acoustic Performance By Slim Jim and the Mad Cows from 02/02/09 on WAAF!! <3

(performing Fri Midway Cafe)

Major Moment "What It's Like" - Sat Wally's Cafe

SIXTEENX20 "Bear The Cross" - Fri Hard Rock Cafe Boston

The Von Traps "Where You Been?!!" - Mon Opus Underground

HGP "The Hirsh Gardner Project" Sister Jane-Tues The Vault