Bay State Rock Recap: 10/14/18

October 15, 2018

In case you missed our broadcast on 10/14/18, here's a recap of all of the artists featured this week and where you can see them:

Jonathan Richman "Roadrunner" Mon-Thurs Middle East Restaurant and Nightclub
Doug Linse "Causeway" Mon Middle East Restaurant and Nightclub
The Knock Ups "Dionysius" Fri Jeanie Johnston
Kid Gulliver "You'll never know" Fri Jeanie Johnston
Silver Screams "Dead air" Thurs Sonia
The Proletariat "The Murder of Alton Sterling" Thurs Sonia at the Middle East
Nervous Eaters "Born To Die" Sat Middle East Restaurant and Nightclub
Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys "Black Magic"Sat The Town & The City Festival
The Bags "Pioneer"  
Slaughter Shack "Sleeve"  
Sidewalk Driver "Dancing With Her Friends" Fri Thunder Road Music Club & Rock n' Roll Bistro
Watts "Black heart of rock and roll" Fri Thunder Road Music Club & Rock n' Roll Bistro
I Was Awake "Plastic wrap and tape" Tues O'Brien's Pub
Featuring A Previously Recorded Live Acoustic Performance By The Easy Reasons from 11/22/15 On WAAF!!♥
Abbie Barrett & Band "Better Machine" Sat Warp and Weft
The Blue Ribbons "Family" Tuesday Toad
Eric Salt Music "Take Me Back" Sat Lookout Farm
The Runouts "Static" Thurs Middle East Restaurant and Nightclub
Richie Parsons "5 Blue Sands" Thurs Midway Cafe