Yngwie Malmsteen Tells Future Musicians Not To Give A Damn What Anybody Else Says

July 25, 2018

There many not be anybody that has worked harder and more dilligently at perfecting their craft than master guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen.

During a special live performance and Q&A session, one fan asked Yngwie for any advice for aspiring musicians (or any artist) looking to pursue a career in music. "There's so many things you can say about that. But the thing is that you have to have a passion for it," says Malmsteen. "And if the passion's there, to quote Niccolò Paganini, my biggest hero — he said: 'To make others feel strongly, you must feel strongly.' In other words, don't try to do what someone else tells you to do; don't do something that you think other people are gonna like; do what you like, and don't give a s**t what other people say."

Watch Yngwie's full performance and Q&A below!