Woodstock 50 Win Court Case; Organizers Say Festival Is Back On Schedule

May 16, 2019

Just when Woodstock 50 looked like it was going to be the next Fyre Festival, a court case's recent ruling may have shifted the tides in the festival's favor. Judge Barry Ostrager ruled in favor of the festival organizers against former investors Dentsu/Amplifi, declaring that the marketing agency had no legal right to cancel the music festival. According to Ostrager, the only way to declare the event cancelled is to have it in writing from both parties. 

However, the judge also ruled that Dentsu did not have to return the $17.8 million they invested back into the festival's bank account. As a result, co-founder Michael Lang and his fellow organizers are in the process of covering lost ground with newer investors.

Any decisions regarding permits, sale dates, production, etc. have remained unaffected by the ruling.

According to Judge Ostrager, Dentsu/Amplifi had the "control option" to take over the festival's production (short of cancelling it) if they found that the organizers could not live up to their abilities to put on the festival, though it's doubtful the company is interested in doing so.

The event is still planned for August 16th-18th in Watkins Glen, NY and includes of lineup of artists from all genres like rock, pop, hip-hop, r&b, soul, alternative, folk, and more.

The Black Keys have dropped out and ticket sales have been indefinitely delayed, but dozens of other acts are still planning to be there, including: Greta Van Fleet, Jay-Z, Miley Cyrus, John Fogerty, Santana, Rival Sons, The Killers, Gary Clark Jr. and Cage the Elephant.