Woman Plays Metallica To Prevent Possible Cougar Attack

July 31, 2019

Nature can be just can cruel and ruthless as it is mystifying and beautiful. Introduce some heavy metal music into the wild, and you may come up with some interesting results. Because according to a report by Kelowna Now, a Vancouver woman credits the music by Metallica in saving her life from a hungry cougar.

Dee Gallant was out on a walk with her husky when she noticed that she was being stalked by wild cougar. In the video below, Gallant lets the cougar know she was aware of its presence and attempted to scare it off using her own voice.

But when that didn't work, Gallant had another idea. After opening the music library on her phone, Dee search for something much louder and aggressive. That's when she selected "Don't Tread on Me' by Metallica. According to Gallant, she believes the song caused the cougar to run off.

Following the encounter, Gallant says she hopes to one day thank James Hetfield for saving her life.