William DuVall's Solo Career Doesn't Mean He's Leaving Alice In Chains

October 25, 2019

Sometimes whenever one of the main figures of a band decides to embark on a solo career, fans get a little neverous over the possibility that not everything is okay amongst band members. But during an interview with Mistress Carrie, Alice In Chains guitarist/vocalist William DuVall assures fans that isn't the case with him.

"I'm always a little surprised at how much of a shockwave that sort of thing sends," says DuVall. "I just think it's most of the time, just people wanting to do some other things. We're musicians and we want to play and do different things." 

DuVall added that each individual musician's creative goals may not be able to be fulfilled through the primary band that they are in. "Everything that I want to do, or that somebody else in the band might want to do, can't necessary be showcased to its fullest extent within that band's structure."

DuVall, who joined Alice In Chains in 2006, also believes that it can be healthy for artists to embark on their own musical journeys and branch out while still remaining part of their primary band. "I think nowadays with all of these shifts in society, and in the music industry, I think it's not only healthy but essential that these kinds of things happen, and that they can co-exist, and that things's aren't so rigid, like 'You can only do this!', you know?"

Listen to Mistress Carrie's full interview with William DuVall in the podcast below!