Kurt Cobain's Mother Was Worried He Wasn't Ready For Fame

July 23, 2018

If the concept of "mother's intuition" exists, Wendy Cobain, mother of late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, has it.

While attending the Newbridge exhibition in Ireland, Wendy recalls the first time she heard "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and how she knew her son's life was about to change forever.

"He had come home to visit and he goes, 'Mom, can I put a tape on the stereo?'" says Wendy. "I go, 'Of your record?' He goes, 'Yeah.' And I go, 'You've been here for three days. I'm just hearing about this now!' And he says, 'Well I'll keep it quiet.' And I said, 'Why? Turn it up!'"

Upon listening to it for the first time, Wendy was so overcome with emotion that she couldn't find the right words to describe it. "The hair on my arms stood up and I got this... heaviness in my chest and I go, 'Oh my God, Kurt... how are you going to handle this?' and he goes, 'What?' and I said, 'This... this is going to send you to the moon and back!'"

From the moment she knew her son was about to skyrocket to fame, that's when Wendy's mother's intuition kicked in. "I don't think honey you're ready for this. How are you going to do this? This is going to go huge." said Wendy. "He was like 'Oh mom." Unrelenting, Wendy proceeded to be Kurt's mother by telling him "You better get yourself a lawyer, and this and that and I'm poking him and bamming him on his arm!"

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