Soul-Crushing Website Compares David Bowie's Accomplishments To Yours

December 28, 2015

2016 is nearly upon us and usually around this time everyone is making new year's resolutions: This year you'll lose that extra weight. This year you'll go skydiving. This year you'll run a marathon. 

How about this year, you'll live your life like you're David Bowie?

In a new website called, dedicated to all of David Bowie's accomplishments throughout the years, users can enter their age to see what incredible feat David Bowie managed to complete when he was the same age. Are you 28? At that age, David Bowie announced the winner of the "Best R&B Performance by a Female Artist" at the 1975 Grammy Awards.

What did you do when you were 45, buy a new car? Because when he was 45, David Bowie married his wife, Somalian supermodel Iman.

David Bowie is currently 68, so there's still time to catch up!