Watch Serj Tankian's Entire "Parts Unknown" Episode with Anthony Bourdain

May 29, 2018

"Serj is Armenian. Like most Armenians around the world, he wasn't born in Armenia," says Parts Unknown host Anthony Bourdain. "Armenia remains a dream, a subject of stories, yet against all odds, a place."

In a recent episode of Parts Unknown, Anthony Bourdain ventures to Armenia to uncover its history and culture a little help from System Of A Down frontman, Serj Tankian. Tankian, like many other Armenians, were not born in Armenia. He was born in Beiruit before his family moved to Los Angeles, though he heard tales from his grandparents about how they had to flee their country to escape the Armenian genocide.

Tankian also reflects on his first visit to the country, saying that having never been there before, he still felt a sort of "mystical connection" to the land.

Throughout the episode Tankian takes Bourdain on a tour of Armenia by visiting places like Yerevan Cascade memorial, Lake Sevan, a traditional Armenian family dinner, and exploring the country's focus on education for the next generation.

Watch the entire episode below!