Watch Robert Trujillo's 15-Year-Old Son Perform with Suicidal Tendencies

October 8, 2019

Before he joined Metallica as their longest-serving bassist, from 1989 to 1995 Robert Trujillo played in the Los Angeles-based crossover thrash band Suicidal Tendencies. Fast forward to 2019, where the band posted a video of them inviting Trujillo's 15-year-old son Tye onstage to perform with them.

"Wow... It's been 30 years since Robert Trujillo joined ST and did his first shows with the band in Europe on tour with Anthrax. That first show Robert came out like a beast, going wild on ST all while slapping and bashing his bass with precision and a purpose," Suicidal Tendencies wrote on their Facebook page. "Flash forward to last Saturday night in San Pedro at the SoCal Hoedown. History repeats itself as a young Trujillo steps on stage and bashed around it like a true Cyco! Huge thanks to Tye Trujillo for filling in for Ra for this one show. For showing what a bad ass he already is on bass, and at just 15 years old, has already accomplished a lot, but huge things are still coming his way."

In the same clip, we see Tye begin his gig with Suicidal Tendencies in a not-so-graceful manner where he jumps off a drum riser and accidentally catches an elbow by frontman Mike Muir.

It wasn't the first time someone in Suicidal Tendencies suffered an accidental on-stage injury. Over the summer guitarist Ben Weinman posted a video of himself attempted to jump on a road case, only to lose his footing on the wheel and hit the corner with his back. 

I'm 44 and I kick! #sallyomalley @suicidaltendencies #benweinman #dillingerescapeplan #SuicidalTendencies @ra_diaz @davelombardo

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