The "New Breed" Of Ratt Performs For The First Time Live

July 9, 2018

With Stephen Pearcy and Juan Croucier the last remaining original members of Ratt, the band has gone through its fair share of lineup changes over the years. In a statement on the band's Facebook page, "We have not had an all-original member line up since 1991 and sadly with the passing of Robbin Crosby, that chapter is over," says Pearcy.

But the both Pearcy and Croucier are optimistic with the future of Ratt, especially with their new lineup that they debuted live at the Kansas Star Casino on July 7th. "I guarantee that the new breed of Ratt that we put on stage every night will be in your face, energized and fully engaged. Simply put, the band our fans deserve."

Check out the new breed of Ratt's live rendition of "Round and Round" below!