Watch Pink Join Guns N' Roses For An Impromptu 'Patience' Duet

October 12, 2017

Who doesn't enjoy a sweet cameo every now and then?

At one of their biggest concerts of their new North American tour, Guns N' Roses stunned thousands in attendence at Madison Square Garden when lead singer Axl Rose introduced pop rock singer P!nk for an unrehearsed duet of their hit song, "Patience."

"We're gonna bring a friend of ours out here - we didn't even try this, we're just gonna do this off the cuff," Rose said to the crowd. Unaware of this plan, an off-guard P!nk stepped onstage to finish the second part of the song.

Afterwards, the band tweeted P!nk, thanking her for sharing the stage with them. P!nk, still bewildered by what happened, responded by saying, "Oh. Yeah. Whatever. No problem," with a slew of hearts and embarrassed emojis.