Watch Godsmack Perform at the New England Patriots' Banner Ceremony

September 9, 2019

When the New England Patriots are going to unveil their sixth Super Bowl championship banner, it wouldn't be the Patriot way to not make a party out of it. So who better to be the house band for the Patriots' home opener than Massachusetts locals, Godsmack!

"I got a surprise email from Jonathan Kraft a few weeks back," Sully tells Mistress Carrie. Erna says Kraft pitched him their idea saying, "'We want to do this really cool mini Super Bowl-style ceremony to unveil the sixth banner and bring out the six trophies.'" Plus with Godsmack being very loyal Patriots fans and tying in their hit song "When Legends Rise" into the NFL, everything fit perfectly.

Thank you @patriots and Jonathan Kraft and the entire New England Patriots organization for inviting us to be a part of #6 opening day ceremony. And especially to @tombrady and @edelman11 for hooking me up with my now personalized signed jerseys. I’m framing these bad boys IMMEDIATELY for the mancave!! ----------. (haters keep your dark dumb negative comments to yourself. No one cares about your whining). This post is for my NE blood! Because this is an amazing organization with incredibly professional and courteous staff all around. From the smallest job to the top of the chain, these people are polite, respectful and an absolute pleasure to work with. This organization is truly top level! And I remember sitting in those stands when this team was horrible and couldn’t win a game. So yes, I’m proud to call myself a Bostonian and a life long New England patriot. And love them or hate them, if you are a TRUE fan of football, you are witnessing history and will never see another QB/coach combo like this again in your lifetime. Fact!! #goat #whenlegendsrise One quarterback, One coach, ------------ The end!! Stay tuned for #7!

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And it turns out that despite the suit-and-tie corporate environment, Jonathan Kraft is a true hard rock fan. "He is a true rock guy," says Sully. "He loves Godsmack. He loves Slipknot. He's telling me these bands he listens to and I look at him like, 'Who are you? You're the most rocking corporate guy I know in the whole world!'"

Check out Godsmack's full performance during the banner ceremony below!

Listen to Mistress Carrie's full interview with Godsmack's Sully Erna below!