Watch Duff McKagan Go On A Rock Record Shopping Spree in "What's In My Bag?"

May 28, 2019

We all know Duff McKagan as the bassist for Guns N' Roses. But not everyone knows that Duff's early music career is deeply-rooted in punk rock.

During his visit to Amoeba Records, Duff goes on a brief shopping spree by picking out records that influenced his musical taste, as well as a few modern artists that he's become a big fan of as well. Before moving to Los Angeles from Seattle, Duff had sold nearly his entire record collection to fund his trip, with his Black Flag and D.O.A. records being the exceptions.

Duff dives deep into American and British punk bands like the Dead Kennedys, Ho99o9, Minor Threat, Fear, The Clash, The Vibrators, Adolescents, G.B.H. Consider it a starter kit for anyone looking to be properly exposed to punk rock.

He also expands on his musical taste with artists like outlaw country/southern rocker Shooter Jennings (who also produced Duff's solo record, Tenderness), the godfathers of British metal Motörhead, and the genre-spanning Prince. "He [Prince] just really filled my imagination with what was possible."

Watch Duff go through his brand-new record collection in What's In My Bag? below!