Watch 250 Musicians Cover Metallica's "Sad But True"

April 17, 2019

Over the course of over 40 years, Metallica has collected millions of fans from around the world. So much that just over 250 musicians gathered together in Moscow, Russia to cover their 1991 hit song "Sad But True."

Known as "RocknMob," the group is known for creating flash mobs to cover songs by artists like Linkin Park, Bon Jovi and 30 Seconds To Mars. Complete with guitarists, bassists, drummers vocalists, and even a guy on violin, the heavy metal orchestra effortlessly nails the Metallica classic. 

This isn't the first ttime RocknMob has paid tribute to Metallica. In 2017, they performed "Enter Sandman" in Saint Petersburg.

RocknMob was inspired by the success of Italy's Rockin1000, which went viral after 1,000 musicians gathered in Cesena, Italy to cover "Learn To Fly" by the Foo Fighters in an effort to convince the band to play at their village on their European tour.