Drummer Arrested for Transporting 632.5 Pounds of Marijuana

October 30, 2019

Photo by Getty Images


Dustin Schoenhofer, drummer for the metalcore band Walls Of Jericho, was recently arrested in southern Oregon for transporting 632.5 pounds of marijuana and 37 pounds of butane honey oil (BHO) extract.

According to a report by FOX 12 Oregon, Schoenhofer was pulled over during a traffic stop by Oregon State Police. The officer said there was probable cause for a search of the vehicle.

Investigators says Schoenhofer was transporting the marijuana and BHO from Oregon to his home state of Ohio. The drummer is facing charges of exporting marijuana, exporting extract, and possession and distribution of controlled substances.

According to Mail Tribune, Schoenhofer is being held on $45,000 bond.