WAAF Listeners Release Music Video Tribute In Honor of Chester Bennington

March 20, 2019

The music world came to a schreeching halt when news broke of Chester Bennington's death. There was a massive outpouring of love and support to Bennington's family and bandmates from fans from around the world, including some WAAF listeners.

Born in Russia, vocalists Andrey Borzykin and Alexandra Razumova immigrated to the U.S. to pursue careers in music, resulting in the formation of the Boston-based alt-rock band Major Moment. When they first heard of the loss of Bennington, it was a major shock to the band as he played a strong presence in the lives of its members. "Linkin Park’s music was an integral part of our lives for 17 years and guided us through some dark times. They were a major motivation behind starting Major Moment and moving to the U.S., so we took his death very personally as if it happened within our own family."

To pay tribute to Chester Bennington, they released the music video for their song "Leave Out All The Rest" and will dedicate all proceeds from the song to 320 Changes Direction, a campaign to change the culture of mental health in America formed by Bennington's widow, Talinda.