Volbeat Forced To Exit Concert After Playing One Song

October 7, 2019

Volbeat fans in Belfast, Ireland were in for one of the strangest concert experiences in the band's history. During their show on October 3rd, Volbeat's performance was literally over just as it began.

They opened up with their song "Pelvis on Fire", but vocalist Michael Poulsen and the rest of the band walked offstage just as the song neared its end. They attemped to wrap up the song ten minutes later, but eventually had to end the concert after only one song. The announcement of the show's extremely early cancellation left everyone in the crowd upset and confused, as evidence by some of their posts on social media.

Volbeat soon updated fans their reasons for exiting the stage early in a statement posted to their social media.

"We in Volbeat want to extend our most heartfelt apologies for having to cancel tonight’s show in Belfast. As many of you know, Michael has been having some throat issues and we ran into multiple technical issues on stage that prevented the band from being able to hear each other play. While he has mostly recovered his voice at this point, it was decided that had he continued to play the show this way he would have risked blowing out his voice again and having to cancel even more shows. We’re gutted that we weren’t able to perform for you tonight, but we will be back to reschedule the show as soon as we possibly can."