The True Story Behind Guns N' Roses' Actual "Spaghetti Incident"

November 23, 2018

When people hear the title of Guns N' Roses fifth studio album The Spaghetti Incident?, it was typically assumed that the inspiration came from a food fight between Axl Rose and Steven Adler. But according to bassist Duff McKagan, that wasn't the case at all.

McKagan told author Gavin Edwards that the album title was in reference to Adler's temporary residence in Chicago in 1989. Addicted to crack cocaine at the time, Adler would keep his stash in his refrigerator next to the band's Italian takeout, calling it his "spaghetti."

In 1993 Adler used the codeword in lawsuit against Guns N' Roses, claiming that his drug problems were in fact the band's fault. When Adler's lawyer asked McKagan about the "spaghetti incident," McKagan couldn't help but smile at the very nature of the question. Thus leading to the name of their fifth studio album.