Top 5 Things NOT To Do In A Mosh Pit

July 12, 2018

Concert season is upon us and if the band is playing loud and fast, and you're really into it, you may be interested in jumping in the mosh pit.

Although it's all in good fun, moshing can get a little too rough and rowdy sometimes. So before you decide to get in the pit, here are a few suggestions of things NOT to do if you want to avoid really making an ass of yourself.

5) Pose for a picture

We get it. Social media is everywhere and you could really use those 22 likes on Instagram. But let the concert photographers take care of that and you just focus on having fun!

4) Eat a bowl of cereal

Rock and metal fans gotta eat. But there's a time and a place for your Lucky Charms.

3) Wear a trash can on your head

No comment.

2) Bring your drink

Like the guy in the video below, people get a little thirsty at concerts. But if the "Wall of Death" is about to happen, that is not the place to find refreshment.

1) Bring your baby

It's important to introduce the younger generations to good music. But "Baby's First Mosh Pit" shouldn't be on the list of things to add in your kid's photo album.