Maynard James Keenan Responds To Rape Allegations Made Against Him

June 28, 2018

In a long string of tweets, an anonymous woman going by the Twitter username @IWas17HeWas36 has accused Tool/A Perfect Circle/Puscifer frontman Maynard James Keenan of raping her backstage at a concert.

According to the accuser, "He asked me how old I was. I said, 'I'm 17.' Then he said, 'I can't talk to you here, let's go watch a movie' and he pulled me away from everyone and onto a tour bus. He lead me to a bed in the back on the bus and closed the door. He put on 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.' I decided to watch a few minutes and at least have a weird story to tell my boyfriend later."

The accuser later adds, "He started rubbing my neck. At this point, I fell silent. He talked about the film, Johnny Depp, and Hunter S. Thompson while he started taking his pants off. All I could do was sit there, looking at the movie, unable to move. I froze so he had to move my body into a missionary position. He pulled off my cargo pants. He forced himself in - there was no attempt at 'warming up.' I mention this because this wasn't about sex. This was about raping me as fast as he could. He penetrated my vagina without a condom, moving rapidly, while I lay there frozen in a stunned silence."

@Iwas17HeWas36's entire accusation can be read below:

However, Maynard took to Twitter to dismiss the accuser's claims, saying, "Many thanks to those of you who saw right through this despicable false claim that only does damage to the #MeToo movement. And shame on those of you who perpetuate this destructive clickbait."

As for why a few days passed before he responded to the accusations, "As for my delayed but un-required response, I had my phone off. You should try it."

Since @Iwas17HeWas36's claim, a second accuser has also tweeted about their alleged sexual assault from Maynard James Keenan and Twiggy Ramirez after a concert. However other Twitter users dismissed their claim saying that the date they provided of the assault