Tommy Lee Says He Was Booted Out of Emeril's Restaurant Over His Hat & Language

August 22, 2019

Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee claimed that the staff of the famous New Orleans restaurant Emeril's gave him a hard time because he was wearing a hat and his colorful choice of language.

"Hey Emeril I just was at your restaurant in New Orleans and was aggressively asked to leave because I was upset about removing my hat," Lee wrote on his Twitter. "I removed it and they still came up to the table and gave me a hard time. Wtf dude????"

TMZ caught up with Lee and his wife Brittany Furlan to provide more context behind the incident for why the Emeril staff gave the couple a hard time. "We literally go in there and we sit down and I have a hat on and [Tommy> has a hat on and the waitress, or the host or whatever, goes, 'Yeah, you have to take your hat off, sir,'" says Furlan. "So [Tommy> was, like, 'Oh, what the f**k' and took it off and put it on his lap, and then this guy comes up to our table — we have no problem, the hat's off everything's cool — and is, like, 'Excuse me, I heard you use profanity.'”

"'You're going to have to leave,'" adds Tommy, to which Tommy responds by saying, "You know what? F**k you. We're leaving."